Hildon Release Planning

/!\ Attention: The content of this page is not official yet. For now, we're just defining some general guidelines and braintorming/drafting our release schedule.

General Guidelines

LucasRocha: I think we could start with some general guidelines.

  • The Hildon release schedule should have a direct relation with the GNOME releases.
    • Better for distributors: we use a well-known release schedule as the basis

    • Better for users: they know when new stuff will be released

    • Better for us: we can take advantage of the GNOME release cycle to bring more contributors to Hildon and to better organize our development process (i.e. freezes, release dates, etc)

  • There should be always a clear distinction between the development and the stable version of Hildon components.

Development cycles and Versioning

LucasRocha: let's use the same aproach than GNOME. For an overview of GNOME's development cycles and versioning aproach, read Havoc's original proposal sent to desktop-devel-list in 2002.


LucasRocha: Follow the very same steps than GNOME. For a step-by-step guide, see MaintainersCorner/Releasing.

Tags and Branches

LucasRocha: Follow the same guidelines than GNOME. For more info, read:

Hildon 2.x Schedule

LucasRocha: Here's an initial idea:

  • W38 - September 19

    • Hildon 2.0.0 Release (GNOME 2.20.0 Release)
  • W42 - October 17

    • Hildon 2.0.1 Release (GNOME 2.20.1 Release)

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