How to build and install


In Maemo environment it needs the MAEMO_CHANGES to be defined, in other platforms on the contrary, it needs the MAEMO_CHANGES to be undefined. Usual method of building is done as they all are using autotools.

Hildon Input Method Framework

After installing, do this:

  • gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > $prefix/etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules

It's recommended to have only Hildon Input Method in that file, especially in Nokia's Internet Tablets as you can't select any input method by using right click like in Ubuntu Mobile Edition or desktop.

Hildon Input Method

If you want maemo-launcher support, just configure it with --enable-maemo-launcher

Hildon Input Method Plugins Example

After installing, do this:

  • run hildon-im-recache so that it will be known to the UI.

  • set /apps/osso/inputmethod/input_method_plugin GConf to himExample_vkb so that it will be loaded by the UI.

In the Fremantle release, you would instead set the values of the following keys to define the plugin to be used for each kind of trigger:

  • /apps/osso/inputmethod/default-plugins/hw-keyboard

  • /apps/osso/inputmethod/default-plugins/stylus

  • /apps/osso/inputmethod/default-plugins/finger

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