Using People Metadata

(past, present, future) Much of this has time-based (meta) data brainstorm overlaps...we can form a GUI from the relationship between categories. If calendar info says two people were at Gnome summit, then that creates an interaction

  • Addresses are manually input. Can be inferred/learned
  • What users want to do with this info/metadata
    • Communicate with an individual
      • IM, email, meet, talk, voip
      • VNC collaboration
        • interactive presentations hands-on tutorial, interactive demonstration
      • Considerations:
        • localtime/availability
          • don't call while sleeping


  • context based searches? when was it written, who did you work on this with

  • who

  • what

  • when

    Decided against: Context is way too application-specific -- we should expose the data, and let the apps do what they need to with it

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