Recollector (aka "Timeline app")

Graphical representation of your interactions

  • (everything is relative to YOU)

  • People
    • Viewing your own timeline of what you've done is just a special case of interactions with another person
    • Auto-hinted search box selects user (defaulted to "Me")
  • Interactions (y-axis)
    • Filters:
      • Conversations
        • (should not need to be filtered down)

      • Documents/Websites
      • Events
        • (should not need to be filtered down)

        • Includes schedules (events in the future)
    • Context Pane
      • Contextual information about the Interaction
        • Thumbnail
        • Diff/what changed in that Interaction
    • Activation (double-click Interaction's icon)
  • Time (x-axis)
    • Scale adjustment
    • Position adjustment
    • Solutions:
      • Click-drag "paints a stripe" along the x-axis; releasing zooms into just that time
        • Left-to-right zooms in (?)
        • Right-to-left zooms out (?)
      • Have timescale/position (also/instead of the above) handled with key phrases
        • "Last Tuesday"
        • "Mon Oct 9"
        • "Last week"
        • "Last May"
        • [This coming] "Thursday"
        • "Summer 2004"
        • "Mondays" (non-contiguous times - ONLY exposed via search like this; otherwise not useful enough for widget space))
  • (there is a TON of points for user interaction, so this UI needs to be very careful about how it exposes them all, so it doesn't get cluttered/unusable)

    • Drill-down search box:
      • Starts as a full-width field (with lower-contrast text "Type keywords here")
      • Each time you hit Enter (or click a button at the end), the text in the box becomes a button with a close button (much like a Firefox 2.0/Epiphany tab) at that position, and the leftmost side of the search box shrinks right to accommodate it.
        • Think of the FileChooser button bar with a max-width box to the right of it

      • Like the FC button bar, clicking on a button reduces your filtering to that keyword plus all the ones to the left of it
      • Would be best with widget changes that would highlight the current keyword and all to the left, but "unhighlight" everything to the right, to indicate they aren't applied to the view below)
      • TODO (TravisReitter): Create mockups

jdub recommends looking at Atom/OLPC journal

Basically, publishing your timeline

  • Lifestreams: everything you do gets dropped on a stack
    • The stack is the history of what you've done.
    • A photo album would just be photos on the stack, possibly with related meta data.

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