This page is to aggregate themes that can be used with Gwibber.

Compact Gwibber Theme for the eeePC:

This theme is smaller than the traditional theme to fit on a netbook screen easier.

GW-mod Theme:

This theme is smaller for a netbook also.

Kebuk's Theme:

This theme is small and is based on gray/silver, with orange to notify the user of new replies. This is a link to a status update to the Friendfeed from Jorge.

Various Themes from Kimme (no attribution available):

This is a set of themes that one can download from Kimme's Tumblr page. Unfortunately, the author does not have a link to the theme author.

Jimmac's Dark Theme:

This theme is dark and will fit in with a dark Gnome theme. This theme was created by Jimmac.

Gwibber-Gilouche by Garrett

This theme is gray with smooth borders.

Brave by Ginkyo

This theme is designed to match the Shiki-brave theme.

realdefaultsmall by dsas

This theme is a smaller version of the default theme.

Dust by l3on

A simple theme designed to match the Dust theme.

Qwit Theme by cs

This theme resembles the style and appearance of Qwit.

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