Gwibber Roadmap


  • Re-design the database, stop storing json data and make it relational
  • EDS integration for syncing with your contacts
  • TweetDeck-style multi-column UI

  • Contact lists, search and filtering
  • Geolocation and mapping
  • Integrate GrabberSnap for social imaging

  • Tracking of unread messages

Unity Integration

GNOME Shell Integration

Notes (Old)

Contact lists and message grouping

Users want to be able to organize their contacts from various services into groups and lists that can be displayed separately. We should have feature parity in this area with Tweetdeck. Gwibber should support grouping and filtering based on a variety of parameters, including contact lists, tags, services, text matching, etc. The user interface for this feature could be modeled after Evolution's filtering system.

Geolocation support

Geolocation capabilities are becoming increasingly important because of the popularization of netbooks and MIDs. Gwibber should provide geolocation functionality and support for location-aware web services like BrightKite. I experimentally implemented support for BrightKite using Microsoft's web-based mapping service (Google Maps can only be used in web mashups and not desktop apps). The mapping service is extremely memory intensive and it increased Gwibber's footprint by hundreds of MBs. We need a more efficient and flexible way to display mapping information in Gwibber.

One potential solution is libchamplain which uses Clutter and various free map tile services. The library is already being used in other applications within the GNOME ecosystem, including Empathy and EOG. We can also use GeoClue to obtain location data. For more details about integrating location-aware technologies into the GNOME ecosystem, read my article:

Social image integration

Images are becoming a core part of the social networking experience. Gwibber should integrate with GrabberSnap, a client application that provides support for basic image annotations and uploading to multiple social networking services including TwitPic.

Avahi support

Microblogging has become a very popular way for users to interact at conferences and other events. Gwibber users should optionally be able to advertise their microblog service identity on the local network via Avahi so that other Gwibber users can easily find and follow them.

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