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Love Bug List

This list is intended as a collection of bugs suitable for novice GTK+ hackers. Add items to it (adding the 'gnome-love' keyword to the bug) only if you think they could be fixed in a reasonable time frame by a free software developer without much experience in GTK+. If you are unsure, add it. Please do not use this list as a personal wishlist of issues you'd like to see fixed.

GTK+ Love Bug List

Bug Promotion List

From GtkTasks#P7: "The GLib/Gtk+ bug list in bugzilla is overwhelming and only slowly processed. Some bugs definitely have the neccessary contributors but lack core maintainer attention. In order for these bugs to get the required review attention, it'd be nice to have someone to repeatedly collect and nurture a list of bugs that are good candidates for inclusion and wait for review attention."

So, the list:

Bug Number



gtk_calendar_set_date() (Needs decision on whether the feature is desires or not in the first place)

63820 done

Code in gdkgeometry-x11.c is tripply duplicated between some moving/scrolling/resizing functions.


gdk_event_copy() should only read parts of union for that event type

96029 done

Configurable offset at start and end of notebook tabs


gtk_spin_button_configure emits spurious "value-changed" on its adjusment


Menu items don't have equal height

164809 done

Checkboxes with inconsistent status are not drawn properly but with the default theme


GtkCellRendererText continually re-creates PangoLayouts


No easy way to clear the contents of a text GtkComboBox

403753 done

GtkFrame painting glitch with ythickness != 2

382544 done

Selection/focus should be painted around the item, not just the text

GTK+ Internals Guide

I think it would be *very* useful to collect all the scattered available information about the GTK+ design ideas, basic concepts, quirks, ... Basically assemble in some coherent document a primer that any starting GTK+ hacker should read. GGAD is the closest thing there is to this, but the focus should be only in GTK+ and more in its architecture and design than in its usage. See here and here for example. Here are the first ideas for a possible list of contents.

Patch triaging

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Moving this to bugzilla...

Bug Number


Description and Tips

Assigned to



GtkFixed appears to be queueing a full redraw of the widget each time one of its elements moves. The proposed fix (by Owen Taylor) is to manually invalidate the changed area instead.




GtkNotebook has code written under the assumption that the focused page can be other than the current page. This is no longer true, so a big cleanup could be done in this widget



GtkProgressBar might queue updates when the change in its value is to tiny that it won't make any difference in the widget's progress graphic. The asignee should follow the instructions given in the bug to fix this issue. A testcase showing the problem would be a good first step.




Apparently there are some problems in the size management of the menu arrows



When a menu item is created with gtk_image_menu_item_new_with_label() or gtk_image_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic(), it will start life with a ref_count of 2




GtkTearoffMenuItem clears the background, the item uses the space over the margins of the menu, use the gtkrc example (gtk_rc_parse_string) to create a test in order to reproduce the bug

366217 done


Add QTIF support to GdkPixbuf. This is a non-trivial hack to do, but it looks self-contained enough and documentation is available, so it would be a nice project for someone to try.



Scrolled window/viewport doesn't shrink correctly, apparently problems with the viewport calculation of the child widget size allocation. Check if the behavior is correct or if the size should be shrinked


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