Who maintains Gossip?

Martyn Russell is now the project maintainer with Richard Hult as his trusty side show bob side kick.

Are transports supported?

Work was done to get support for Transports working, but since the code rewrite, it has not been added back in as yet.

Does Gossip support other protocols than Jabber?

Only through Jabber transports. Gossip might support non-jabber protocols natively in the future but no one is working on that at this moment.

Does Gossip implement the full XMPP protocol specification?

Short answer, no, and it never will. The full XMPP specification is written for more than just chatting, in Gossip user features will drive the development, not the protocol. That means that a feature that doesn't make sense to a chat client won't be added just for the sake of supporting every part of the specification. Not however that we work towards being fully XMPP compliant.

Do Imendio make any money on Gossip?

No, the project was started by Mikael Hallendal and Richard Hult as a spare time project. Martyn Russell was brought on board when it was discovered he was writing a similar type of client and decided to leave that to join the Gossip team.

I have heard that it is running on Mac OSX, is this true?

Yes. Currently Richard is working towards making it more readily available. It is not yet downloadable, but you can check it out of CVS and have a go.

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