Introducing Gnopernicus...

Note: Gnopernicus is not actively developed anymore and has been replaced by Orca in GNOME.

project goals/what is Gnopernicus?

The Gnopernicus project aims to enable users with limited vision, or no vision, to use the Gnome 2 desktop and Gnome/GTK+-2 applications effectively. By providing automated focus tracking and fullscreen magnification, Gnopernicus aids low-vision Gnome users, and its screen reader features allow low-vision and blind users access to standard GTK+2 and Java-based GUI applications via speech and braille output. By leveraging Gnome 2's built-in accessibility framework, Gnopernicus will make interacting with applications more efficient for these users, and enable use of the Gnome 2 desktop for some users who otherwise would have no access to Gnome.

Gnopernicus is available from the deprecated GNOME SVN archive in pre-release form. Information on how to build, install, and use Gnopernicus, Gnopernicus features, and project status, is available from

Contact: Draghi Puterity, Lead Software Engineer, BAUM Retec A.G.

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