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GNOME Screensaver

gnome-screensaver is a new screensaver that can replace xscreensaver. It is designed to integrate well with the desktop and provide a control interface that is desktop neutral. It simplifies and streamlines the experience for the user and provides more capability for the system administrator and vendor.

It is designed to support:

  • a desktop neutral control interface via DBus
  • a desktop neutral and standard way to install and manage screensaver themes
  • switching users directly from the unlock dialog
  • allowing a system administrator to set a mandatory policy for any setting
  • a secure separation of user input processing and authentication from the screen locking window
  • a separation between the screensaver theme engine and the theme settings
  • integration with the desktop (themes, fonts, toolkit)
  • translation into many languages by the GNOME Translation Project
  • instantly applying settings changes

Looking for Help?

Getting gnome-screensaver for Development

You will need to use GNOME 2.11.4 or later.

Development ideas

  • Pause music (rhytmbox, banshee) on screen lock and continue when unlocking (Allow enable/disable in an option. I play music with screen locked)
  • Generic callback interface for other applications based on d-bus. (Music play/pause, timekeeping, presence)
  • Write manpages for gnome-screensaver and gnome-screensaver-command
  • Do something usefull with a locked screen (display a clock, new email count (evolution) and missed calls (ekiga). This is what most cellphones do)
  • Use-application-as-screensaver function. (e.g. run banshee fullscreen, but disallow starting other applications) (multiple levels of locked-ness?) This is different from a permanently locked-down kiosk-mode web browser (it is not permanent; it should be fast, easy, flexible and user-friendly).
  • leave notes to visitors (e.g "Will be back at 2pm, call me on extension 123 if you need me.") (Get phone number from gnome-about-me prefs, display public schedule from evolution?)
  • Specify lockdown so that only an admin account can unlock (or any specified user account/group). Useful to stop a user from an action until an admin comes to unlock.
  • To-Do items shown during screensave? - perhaps interfaced through tomboy notes - a specially named or tagged notebook? (I forget things even if I put them in a To-Do note if they arent on screen all the time)

Getting From Git

To get the very latest copy you'll need to clone the Git repository, by running

git clone git://

Or, browse online:

Getting From a Package

Download the latest source package from the package directory

Using JHBuild

JHBuild offers dependency handled building which can make testing a lot easier. Follow the instructions from the jhbuild site to get up and running, then run this to get the latest version.

jhbuild build gnome-screensaver

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