The Drooling Macaque Band


LucasRocha: This is the list of people who will officially be part of the band that will play at GUADEC. Of course we plan to have Jam Session too but we need to have core members that we can count on.



Needed Instruments for GUADEC



Drums + cymbals (hi-hats, +1 crash, 1 ride) + 7A drumsticks


Electric Guitar


DavydMadeley, RobertMcQueenm, ThomasWood


Tenor , Alto Sax , Tenor (+ Mouthpeice)

Chris Lord & EdwardHervey



JohnPalmieri aka J5


Vocal mics and PA

JonoBacon (interested in the jam)

Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass

guitar, drums, bass




LucasRocha: Well, we need to have a reportory with simple songs because we probably won't have time for a rehearsal. If we have someone to sing, non-instrumental songs can be added. 10 songs is good number.

  1. Cissy Strut (The Meters) - Guitar Tab - Bass Tab

  2. Chameleon (Herbie Hancock) - Guitar Tab - Simple Bass Tab - Full Bass Tab

  3. Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) - Guitar Tab - Bass Tab

  4. Canteloupe Island (Herbie Hancock) - Guitar Tab - Bass Tab

  5. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) - Guitar Tab - Bass Tab - A tribute to the people who can not attend

  6. Funny Little Frog (Belle & Sebastian) - Chords

  7. Too Young to Die (Jamiroquai) - Bass tab, Guitar tabs+chords

  8. Come Together (Beatles) - Guitar Tab - Bass Tab

  9. Black Devil Car (Jamiroquai) - Guitar tabs

  10. Borderline (God Street Wine) - Guitar Tab

FedericoMenaQuintero: does anyone know of a fakebook for the songs above? We'll have to improvise something...

Equipment to rent

  • Guitar Amplifier
  • Drum set (1 Bass Drum, 1 Floor Drum (~16"), 1 Tom (~14"), 1 Snare, 1 Ride Cymbal, 1 Crash Cymbal, 1 Hi-hat Cymbals, 2 Drumstick pairs (7A), 2 cymbal stands, 1 Hi-hat pedal/stand, 1 Drum seat)
  • Bass Amplifier
  • Guitar ?
  • Microphone + stand
  • Mix table
  • PA system
  • Tenor Sax?

Where to rent ?


During the Warming up weekend ? Do we need all equipment by then ?

ChrisLord: I don't think I'll be there for the warm-up weekend, or at least not most of it... I guess we'll discuss this soon :)

LucasRocha: Decided rehearsal date: Sunday, June 25.


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