What is this wiki?

The Gnome Live Wiki for contributing to GNOME by developers and users. (needs much more explanation). The Wiki is running With MoinMoin wiki software.

Q & A

  • Is there a way to translate the wiki? Who should translation contributors talk to?
    • Moinmoin doesn't currently have any built-in translation support, so one idea is to create subpages underneath each page to be translated. The subpage name could be in the format [language code][language], e.g. "ViVietnamese." Links to each of the translations available could be provided at the bottom of each translated page. For an example, see GnomeWomen.

    • One way could be to use MoinMoins builtin mechanism with languages that begin with a translated FrontPage. The default is, that the user gets a FrontPage in his language, if available. You can put a  #language:vi  into a page. (see HelpOnLanguages).

    • One can also use dictionaries like GermanDict (see HelpOnDictionaries)

    • has used some of this features

Bugs and Features

  • First check if this is a known bug in this Moin version: MoinMoinBugs and reporting bugs (also) there may result in an available patch aithin a few hours. You could link to the MoinMoinBugs (dependency) from Bugzilla so that we can track the history.

  • Report bugs and feature requests in Bugzilla.

  • Check the list of open bugs or all bugs.

  • Now you should be able to work with attachments in this wiki (again)!

Admin stuff

  • /ReworkTheme

  • /CleanupTasks

  • it is possible to maintain this wiki with the "moin" command on commandline (cleancache, cleanpages,...). This command is not documented, but is very useful.


For more information about this wiki please contact gnome-web-list or JeffWaugh.


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