The GNOME live medias (GLM) are CDs, DVDs, images, etc. and contain all the latest and greatest GNOME software. They provide a great way to test and show of GNOME without requiring to install it on your PC.

GNOME offers a number of different ways to test or try GNOME in the environment of your choice. These are all "Live" systems, meaning full GNU/Linux systems with GNOME included using various virtualization technologies.

GNOME Live Media (GLM)

  • Integrates all available language on one live CD.
  • Language is switched by selecting a language on login screen.


The live Cds have been used in the past at including Linux World Expo Boston, OSCON, and GUADEC to demo GNOME.

  • Use the LiveCD on a laptop as a demo machine, to show to people at conference booths.
  • Hand out nicely printed medias in a local language.
  • Customize the splash screen, default languages.
  • Have an environment for projects to base their live media on.

Using a virtual machine (VirtualBox, qemu, etc)

The benefits for Gnome development (also compared to a LiveCD) are:

  • Players are available also on Windows as Mac
  • the developer can easily (compared to LiveCD) create a virtual machine and customise it by removing unneeded parts to make it small
  • no need to burn a CD
  • faster to boot than CD as it resides on the hard disk
  • you can set the resolution by default to 800x600, which is friendly to screenshots (current resolution is 1024x768)
  • you can even take screenshot of GDM (striking out as there is an issue with getting GDM running)
  • screenshots are saved either on the host OS or from within the virtual machine
  • translators will be able to test their translations
  • demonstration tool for new users to easily try GNOME
  • tool for journalists to try out GNOME

Tools for generating Live Media

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