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What is Gnome Launch Box?

Launch Box is generally an application launcher. It's very influenced by Quicksilver for Mac OSX. It is written for the GNOME 2.10 or newer platform and depends on GTK+ 2.6 or newer, evolution-data-server 1.2 or newer and gnome-menus. These are currently hard dependencies but the plan is to split out the backends into different optional backends. Currently supported modules are:

  • Application starting and launch
  • Evolution contacts lookup and mail to
  • Recent files lookup and open
  • Files in your desktop and open
  • Firefox bookmarks lookup and opening

Launch Box is the result of a Hackathon at Imendio in the weekend 8th-10th of January (of some years ago). The hackers participating where Anders Carlsson, Mikael Hallendal, Michael Natterer and Richard Hult.

Sven Herzberg took over the project around 2007-2008 and is now the leader.


Single and double hit:

gnome-launch-box01.png gnome-launch-box02.png


You can donwload last version of Gnome Launch Box from gnome ftp.


The source code can be checked out from the git repository by

  • git clone git:// (browse)

A good start is to read the GnomeLaunchBoxArchitecture document.

Bug, Features, Enhancements

Report a bug, request a feature

Vala port of gnome launch box

Shuerhaaken did a vala port of gnome-launch-box at gitorious.

That app (working title: valaunch) is already working well (Files, Recent, Applications, Keybinder, etc.).

It has a plugin infrastructure, so it is possible to add third party modules (a feature that was not supported by the original gnome-launch-box).

This fork was created just for fun but some more development is planned. With little effort, this app could be a full featured, high speed, low memory application launcher for LXDE or XFCE or other desktop environments that is using Gtk+.

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