This place is a brainstorm to put ideas related to gnome-edu module (planned for future releases). We need some ideas for creating educative games/softwares.

Please add your idea here:




Simon clone


Resurrecting and/or unify a number of projects*

* Projects to be resurrected/unified:

  • GNOME Turtle, implementation of LOGO programming language

  • nsp and Genius — algebra

  • Dr. Geo, Geom and OpenEuclide — interactive geometry packages, or wait for Geometry constructions tool in Inkscape to be finished

  • have a good long look at puzzle and board games

  • further investigate Science & Math software

  • see, what new educational software can be written using libchamplain

  • figure out what VNC tools can be used in a classroom for demonstrating something on every client computer from teacher's computer

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