../GtkList is a deprected widget. Unfortunately it is still in use in some places that either use it or the ../GtkCombo widget. One place for example is the gnome-panel run dialog.


The GtkList has items of the class ../GtkListItem. These list items will draw the background if they are selected using a flat_box. The state is of course SELECTED, detail string is "listitem" and the shadow is ETECHED_OUT. The default background is base[NORMAL] (each of them has their own X window, which means no transparency, etc.)


The ../GtkListItem contains a normal ../GtkLabel widget. This label draws the text with the fg[] colors instead of the text[] colors which would be more appropriate on the base[NORMAL] background.

You can work around this problem with a match similar to the following one:

widget_class "*<GtkListItem>*" style "list-item"

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