Gnome Art tutorial page

Welcome to Gnome Art tutorial page. This wiki page should help you to understand themes for Gtk+/Gnome, Metacity, GDM Login manager, icon themes and Engines for Gtk+ themes. If you want to support us or just update existing documents, feel free to do it, but read rules listed below first.

/!\ General Rules for these tutorials should be


Only write what you know, if you don't know/aren't positive about something, discuss it on the gnome-support forum or #gnome-art channel first. See More information.


Try to be concise. Many people using these tutorials may not speak english well, so long descriptions can be confusing.


Document examples. Don't just list what icon themes can do, or what gtk themes can do etc. Show actual code snippets and corresponding results.


Keep things simple and well organized by topic and subject. As a tutorial approaches some level of completion, everything should be in a format which could later be printed out for reference.


  • Icon Themes - Information about icon theme creating

  • Gtk+ Themes - Information about Gtk+ (including a list of widgets and how they are drawn!)

  • GDM Themes - Information about GDM Login manager themes

  • Metacity Themes- Information about Metacity themes

  • Gtk+ Engines - Information about Engines, a base of Gtk themes

More information

  • Useful Links - Links to web pages that may help you with themes

If you have questions about themes or this wiki page, visit Gnome Support Forum (direct links to Gnome Art and Gnome Art Devel sections) or visit Gnome Art team on #gnome-art @ (or @ IRC network.

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