Gjs: Javascript Bindings for GNOME

Gjs is a Javascript binding for GNOME. It's mainly based on Spidermonkey javascript engine and the GObject introspection framework.

If you use it, especially for GNOME-related projects, please follow the Style Guide. Otherwise, JavaScript is so free-form that code becomes very difficult to maintain.


See gjs releases directory.


Unfortunately GNOME does not host documentation for GJS, but exists some unofficial mirrors, see documentation.

How to Test

In order to build and test gjs, you'll need latest gobject-introspection from GNOME Git and Spidermonkey (mozilla-js in Ubuntu, found in the xulrunner-dev package). The code is in GNOME git repo:


Mailing list: http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/javascript-list IRC: irc://irc.gnome.org/#javascript

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