GGet is the name of an upcoming Download Manager for the GNOME desktop that will be developed during Google Summer of Code 2008 by JohanSvedberg. The project will be mentored by DiegoEscalanteUrrelo and the accepted application can be found here.

This page will be used as a place to brainstorm and collect information regarding the project.

A very nice comparison of download managers can be found here.

Protocol Support

In a first stage I would like to implement support for:

But in the future it would be nice with support for things like:

  • SFTP
  • BitTorrent


Development is going on at and can be viewed here.

You can check out the current development snapshot using:

 svn co gget



Lots! There is an incomplete list here.

Reporting bugs

Report any bugs you find in GGet to GNOME Bugzilla under the gget product. But please browse and see if it has already been reported first.

GGet is Copyright (C) 2008 Johan Svedberg

GGet is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.


Johan Svedberg

Other Download Managers

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