FootNotes found at is a GNOME news website for timely, short, day to day news stories. The site is currently powered by the drupal engine, and maintained by LukeStroven.

Contributing News

Contributing to the site is easy. News can be submitted via the website here. Also stories can be emailed to, or any other editor listed below.


Here is a list of current (Editors/People with Editor rights) on the site:

If you would like to become an Editor and given the ability to post news stories on the website please send your request to

Help Wanted

We are currently looking for people to help with the following tasks:

  • PlanetGNOME summary: At one time we published (example) a weekly to bi-weekly summary of GNOME related happenings from PlanetGNOME. I would be nice if someone could take on this chore so that "Around the Planet" could return to the website.

  • GNOME Traffic It would be super cool if someone would be interested in doing a weekly to biweekly summary of topics discussed on primary GNOME mailing lists like desktop-devel, gtk-devel, etc.

Please contact if you are interested in contributing.


Feel free to make any suggestions here:

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