What is FindMe


FindMe is a novel tracking system that is technically feasible but at present embroiled by 'red tape'

FindMe is a SOS (save our ship) signal that any telecommunication device could transmit under the control of the user to inform the receiver that the user (the transmitter) needs to be found. Once the signal is transmitted then the receiver can find their exact location within about 10 meters anywhere in the world. This can only work if agreement is found between all wireless and Telecom operators.

One factor that is important about the FindMe concept is transparency, protection of privacy and cross boarder agreement, outside political control. The true purpose of FindMe is control by the user, not the abuse by the receiver. If a person does not wish to be located, for what ever the reason, Governments should not violate FindMe technology for selfish benefits.

How this is achieved is by a technique that has been developed by DavidMullins

The concept proposed by DavidMullins is the number 767 (SOS) as the issue code key, secretly activating a personal key, on the telecommunication device, only known by them. However, once the personal key is bounced to a FindMe service and matched with another public key, then the location based services in telecommunication, aiding by Satellite GMS signals and ground based navigation systems are activated to a private location finding beacon signal on public networks, wireless or wires.

As an example, while on the beach enjoying yourself in a foreign country that you don't understand their language or even the locality but still enjoying the sunshine and wish for a ice cream.

You use your mobile device or phone for search page or a friend for an Ice Cream, then while talking to the Ice cream man, you press 767 and this gives them your exact location but also enable them to find the best direction to you and your spot on the vast, no sign post, crowded beach, hopefully before the Ice cream melts.

In emergency situations, the FindMe goes one step further. It act like an ping beacon and a homing device. As the receiver device gets closer to the FindMe caller the intermittent single permits a higher frequency, allowing the receiver's device to present a louder audible notes to inform them that they are heading in the right direction to the person that needs help.

The work of this FindMe project is an ongoing process but currently locked into more political issues rather then the technical ones. However, all supporters are welcome.


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