evolution/e-util and evolution-data-server/libedataserver contains lots of overlapping files. These need to be compared and the duplicates removed. Also check out http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=323529.

Identical Files, Remove

These files are either completely identical, or have some non-semantic changes, like in comments or added G_BEGIN_DECLS/G_END_DECLS guards. Usually it's the libedataserver copy being the one that has been updated. The copies in evolution/e-util can be dropped from the Makefile.am and cvs rm'ed.

  • e-component-listener.*
  • e-iconv.*
  • e-iterator.*
  • e-list-iterator.*
  • e-list.*
  • e-time-utils.*
  • e-uid.*
  • md5-util.*

Same Name Different Code, Needs Work

Here the copies in evolution/e-util are the ones that have been developed further. Either those changes should be merged into the copy in libedataserver and the e-util copies dropped. Or, if there is functionality in these that is truly private to the Evolution app and that shouldn't be in libedataserver's API, then create a new header for Evolution suitably named for that functionality. Keeping two copies with the same name is confusing and should not continue.

  • e-account.*
  • e-account-list.*
  • e-util.*

Same Code in Several Places

  • e-d-s/servers/exchange/storage/exchange-account.c:e_filaname_make_safe(). Exact duplicate of evolution/e-util/e-util.c:e_filename_make_safe()
  • e-d-s/servers/exchange/storage/e-folder-exchange.c:e_mkdir_hier(). Essentially a third copy of this function, also found in libedataserver/e-util.c as e_util_mkdir_hier() and in evolution/e-util/e-util.c as e_mkdir_hier(). All are essentially the same (although the Evo one has received Win32 love) and obsoleted by g_mkdir_with_parents().

Unique To Evolution, Keep

  • e-bconf-map.*
  • e-bit-array.*
  • e-categories-config.*
  • e-categories-master-list-wombat.*
  • e-config.*
  • e-config-listener.*
  • e-corba-utils.*
  • e-cursor.*
  • e-dialog-utils.*
  • e-dialog-widgets.*
  • e-error.*
  • e-event.*
  • e-folder-map.*
  • e-fsutils.*
  • eggtrayicon.*
  • e-gtk-utils.*
  • e-gui-utils.*
  • e-html-utils.*
  • e-i18n.*
  • e-icon-factory.*
  • e-import.*
  • e-menu.*
  • e-mktemp.*
  • e-pilot-map.*
  • e-pilot-util.*
  • e-plugin.*
  • e-popup.*
  • e-print.*
  • e-profile-event.*
  • e-request.*
  • e-signature.*
  • e-signature-list.*
  • e-sorter-array.*
  • e-sorter.*
  • e-text-event-processor-emacs-like.*
  • e-text-event-processor.*
  • e-text-event-processor-types.*
  • e-util-private.*
  • e-xml-utils.*

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