Ideas for Eclipse being a better IDE for GNOME:


  • Documentation (HOWTO guides, steps for setting things up, etc.)

    • Make Gtk and Gnome symbols and documentation available via hover help
  • Anjuta related:

    • Work together with the Anjuta 2.0.0 team: They are building some great libraries that will make it easyer for other IDE's to develop features like glade-3 integration, parsing's (gnome-build), etcetera.

    • Develop cross IDE project development tools. A project is made of XML files, it should not be too hard to build tools converting them to/from other IDE. So that is a project is started with a team using Eclipse or Anjuta this doesn't prevent someone using a different environment or the CLI usual tools. Potentially direct native import/export projects from/to Anjuta.
    • I'm not sure, however, if anjuta-ctags is usable in a non-anjuta context. Anjuta-ctags is the library for making code-completion work (and for knowing about tags in C code). But then again is the support for tag-discovery in Eclipse already working 'okay'.
    • Use gnome-build (it's in gnome cvs) for parsing the autotools environment of existing projects. It works great and is being used by (and developed by) the Anjuta 2.0.0 team (filed as Red Hat bug 159142)

  • Glade + Eclipse VEP?
    • You'll have to use glade-3 which is prepared for this type of integration. Also checkout Anjuta 2.0.0
  • XUL?

  • support pkg-config build dependencies in managed projects to make it much easier to set up the right include dirs and libraries
  • extend the C indexers so that they know about GObject features like classes, inheritance signals, etc.
  • Make the CDT syntax highlighter know about standard GLib types
  • write content assist templates for common Gtk operations like adding signals, creating classes, etc
  • This thesis ( makes a good analysis of the GObject system, and talk specifically about support tools for OO programming with GLib. Worth a read, and I think it can be very useful.

  • make it easy to use the standard GTK+ and Gnome indentation modes (filed as Red Hat bug 161145)

  • Integrate with NetworkManager so that Eclipse doesn't try to do CVS updates etc if you don't have a network connection (filed as Red Hat bug 161142)

  • Somehow let translators work on Eclipse via

Java-GNOME Plugin

  • The Java-GNOME Plugin gives you is a wizard for Java-GNOME projects. It is useful for people who don’t want to fiddle with Eclipse too much when they are starting a new Java-GNOME project. To install the plugin, just unzip it into your Eclipse installation directory.

  • I imagine the GNOME plugin being more of a monolithic plugin that encompasses all languages (templates, etc.) and any jhbuild-style plugin. Screenshot -- AndrewOverholt

  • I think it should be split up into separate plugins for each language. A feature can tie it all together to produce the mockup you posted. Separate pluigns allows people to only install the supported languages and is just better plugin design. -- BenKonrath

  • I got caught by Eclipse terminology again. Yes, a feature is what I would like to see. I mostly just wanted to point out that I'd like the "jhbuild plugin" (if one gets done) should ideally be a part of the same set.
  • Can you provide some thoughts on what kind of functionality you would like to see in a jhbuild plugin? -- BenKonrath

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