Painless presentations for the GNOME desktop

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Ease is a presentation authoring tool for the GNOME desktop. It aims to be a clean, simple yet powerful program that allows you to create elegant, good-looking presentations and throw away OO.org Impress/PowerPoint.

Feature/TODO list

Ease allows you to :

  • create/open/save presentations ;
  • add text/image/video/links to your content ;
  • easily manipulate those : scale, move, rotate, flip, etc... ;
  • easily add some shadow/outline/glow to your content ;
  • add nice (not ugly planet-flying-away) transitions : fade in/out, panel, slide, etc... ;
  • export to PDF/PNG(/AVI?) ;
  • use cool pre-defined themes ;
  • fetch online free-of-charge stock images ;
  • playback your presentation smoothly, with presenter tips such as spotlight, focus, chronometer, etc...


The project is still quite young. It was started by Nate Stedman as a project for the RCOS in May 2010. A summer of code student, St├ęphane Maniaci, joined the project that same summer. We're both working very hard to make the features listed above happen.


Currently in development: Ease 0.1


Ease is developed in Vala, with GTK+ for the graphical parts, and the Clutter toolkit for the animation.


The code is hosted on the GNOME Git repository.

You can clone it with git clone git://git.gnome.org/ease.


You can report a new bug in our Bugzilla bugtracker.

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