This page intends to recollect the different ways to install the packages needed to develop GTK+/GNOME based applications in as many GNU/Linux distros as possible.

This guide does NOT intend to assist you on installing dependencies to build GNOME. If that's what you are looking for, then visit the JhbuildDependencies page.

Please add new distros!

Debian GNU/Linux

The easiest way to install the development packages in Debian is using apt:

# apt-get install gnome-core-devel

This will install almost everything you need to develop. However, It would be useful if you install also the documentation for the libraries installed.

I think that Debian is missing a metapackage to allow to easily install all the documentation needed with one single command (could someone verify this?), so you'll need to install it following this rationale.

  1. Install devhelp:
     # apt-get install devhelp
    This will install the devhelp software, wich allows you to browse quickly through the documentation.
  2. For each one of the 'dev' packages installed through the gnome-core-devel, you must do as follow. For libgtk2.0-dev documentation, install libgtk2.0-doc:
     # apt-get install libgtk2.0-doc
    The same goes, for example, for libgnomeui-dev (install libgnomeui-doc), and so on.

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