Developer Utilities

Here are some scripts and utilities to help with simple tasks. Feel free to add to this page.

  • MOAP: Maintenance of a Project: Helps with many developer and maintainer tasks, including creating ChangeLog entries, with cvs, svn, git, etc.]]


    • This handy Perl script runs "git diff", "svn diff" or "cvs diff" against the current module, detecting all changed files in the

      process, and proceeds to fill out a ChangeLog entry template for you, including your name, e-mail address, the list of files changed, and function headers in C files.


    • This tool is basically a python script which allows you to do the most laborious tasks for you when you come to release a GNOME project. For more information on how to use this script, see

      the project page. NOTE: only supports CVS and SVN at the moment.


    • This script pulls out a list of all new translations from po/ChangeLog for you to use in release announcements.

      NOTE: The script is better at this and will concatenate multiple contributors to languages updated.

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