* CameronHarris: A simple media device (as in iPod, Creative Zen, not USB Pen) access framework that apps like rhythmbox can use would be nice. One has file upload/download/metadata/drm APIs. Possibly using HAL or dbus backend or something. There could be a gnome-vfs layer for it too, and media devices could appear in "Computer" and on the desktop.

* From an old #epiphany IRC log: <tko> hmm.. why is there no flag in .desktop files to indicate recent-files support? if an app didn't support recent-files, gnome-open (or gnome_vfs_mime_application_launch) could update that instead

* Hopefully Anjuta will be finished in the timescales and packaged as one of the core GNOME application.

* JonesLee: a proper implementation API for notebook tab with close buttons in GTK+, many apps such as gnome-terminal, hotssh, etc could share a common API instead of maintaining its own code

* SanderMarechal: I love Glade XML. In my opinion it's the single best feature in Gnome. Ever since KDE4 came out I've been contemplating switching my development to KDE4 but they have nothing like Glade. KDE's inteface designers still do code generation. Yuck.

But Gnome does need improvement in other areas. The Python APIs often lag behind the C APIs. Very often they also lack documentation or it is simply documented poorly. Often when I am developing a Gnome application I need to refer to the C API documentation and read the SWIG source code and templates to figure out how to do things in Python.

The C API is sometimes also non-trivial to figure out. The documentation itself is good, but finding what you need is hard. A more task oriented approach or index would be nice. When I want to do something (i.e. have an icon on the panel with a popup) it don't want to have to guess which library (GTK, Libnotify, etcetera) I need to dig into. Group all panel related stuff together for example. In that same vein, there are a lot of deprecated functions and libraries in Gnome. It would be nice if you can easily hide them. With all the deprecated libraries there are a lot of ways to do something. It would be nice if there was a guide or task-oriented index that points only to the preferred way of doing things in newly written code.


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