Need create an application like Glade, where you can select any kind of widgets including the Gnome-Db set, and set it's propierties.

Along with the already existing properties from Glade, need add some like: DataSource, and a SQL statement to take data from.

I think, will be necesary that the widget could modify it's data source and the SQL statement, when it is showed.

After create the Form, the program need to save the configuration in a XML file. May this file, will have an "embeded" glade file: but that is just an idea.

=== The firts implementations ====

I think the enviroment must be User-Oriented enviroment where the end user could:

- Create forms, tables - Program its forms with a python (or any scripting enviromente) - Store the data, forms and code in a simple XML file.

Where the user can easily create his own apps.

I think it could be created using the following:

- LIBGNOME-DB/LIBGDA, as the GUI/DB front end. In this case, must be an implementation of gnome-db in the disired scripting language, and able to compile the lib in other plattaforms like Win.

- Use GLADE 3.0, as the GUI designer. I know that the next version of GLADE will allow to Plug the designer in any app.

- Create a version of XML, that could store: GUI glade definitions (embeded glade file) for the forms, definition of the data base (XML database embeded) and the scrips of the code for any form.

- And an option or alternated app, where you can 'run' your database application stored in that XML.


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