Deskbar Applet

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The stuff below talks about the "core" functionality. You can also extend the Deskbar with your own "Handlers" or plug-ins - look at DeskbarApplet/Extending.

Also see our dev Roadmap: DeskbarApplet/RoadMap

Getting the Code

We're in the GNOME git module "deskbar-applet". For anonymous access:

git clone git://

If you have a developer login (commit rights) use:

git clone ssh://

substituting ACCOUNT for your login. See Git/Developers for more details.

Building, Installing, Running

It should be as simple as

./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

You can also test it uninstalled by running

./deskbar/deskbar-applet -w

in the source directory, this will create the search bar in a standalone window.

Bug Tracking



Primary hackers include NigelTao (ntao), RaphaelSlinckx (kikidonk), MikkelKamstrup (kamstrup) and Sebastian Pölsterl (sebp). If I forgot to mention you, edit the Wiki!

Future Plans

  • Use drag and drop where applicable. Drag file hits into Nautilus windows to copy or move files fx.
  • Use galago python bindings for IM integration

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