We (Andrea Scheer, Sophia Klees, Andreas Weigt, Martin Steck and Clemens Buss) are going to give a Design Thinking Workshop.

We are a group of fellow students from the school of Design Thinking in Potsdam and currently part-time organizing and running workshops and consulting services based on Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a user-centric method leveraging the creative potential of a team. It is very agile and fun to do and apply. It has proven to be very successful at places like the D-School in Potsdam, the d.school at Standford University and especially at the IDEO Design consultancy. GNOME people and the project could highly benefit from this method not only in tailoring the platform to users-needs (especially those not explicitly expressed).

Our team is very much looking forward to do the workshop and will be ready and well-prepared with fun and demanding challenges tailored to the needs of the community. All in all we hope to bring this great methodology to GNOME.

We will offer the Workshop to the community free as in beer. Only we would be happy to get a small donation to cover our expenses for the workshop material and brainfood. If you want to join, please drop us a quick E-Mail so we can reserve one of the 20 places for you. Also tell us if you prefer Monday or Tuesday. Both Workshops start at 9:30 in the morning. Please contact: cbuss AT src\GNOME/org. Or you feel lucky and come straight to where the BoFs are.

There is also going to be a Lighting Talk on the method and the results of the Workshop on Friday.

You can also check out or blog, http://inventedhere.de/ which is now in German. However, as we were blogging initially in English, check out our older posts on DesignThinking to get a first introduction and feel what the workshop will feel like:

Felix answers questions about Design Thinking in general and the HPI D-School in Potsdam: http://inventedhere.de/felix-answers-questions-about-design-thinking-and-the-d-school-in-potsdam

A lesson on the importance of prototyping … Everything!: http://inventedhere.de/a-lesson-on-the-importance-of-prototyping-everything

Build a team with the LEGO-Exercise http://inventedhere.de/build-a-team-with-the-lego-exercise

Find out more about us at http://inventedhere.de/about. Also make sure you follow us on twitter(@harokkar), to get updates on the workshop: http://twitter.com/harokkar

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