We need to run a new deployment survey, ala Federico's World Domination as an Optimization Hack.


From last time

  • Where is your deployment located?
  • Is it a government-sponsored deployment, or private?
  • Approximately how many users do you have?
  • Approximately how many computers do you have?
  • When did you first deploy GNOME? What version did you use then?
  • What version of GNOME are you using now? How often do you upgrade?
  • Please describe your setup. Is it a big server and thin clients? Fat clients, centrally administered? Fat clients, no central administration?
  • What software do your users use?
  • Do you have a customized desktop for your users?
  • How locked down are your users' desktops?
  • Do your users have individual identities / home directories, or do they share a few accounts?
  • Where do the users keep their data?
  • What made you choose GNOME? Was it an indirect decision (i.e. did you pick a certain distribution, and GNOME happened to come with it)?
  • What are your top 5 annoyances with GNOME on your deployment? What would make your life easier? What would have made your life easier when deploying GNOME ?
  • What would make your users' lives easier?
  • What do you and your users like about GNOME? Are there any particular things you want to highlight?
  • Would you mind your answers being made public? Or would you rather have us keep them private?
  • Thank you! Any final comments?

Suggestions for additions by Federico

  • Do you do in-house development for your desktops?
  • Do you have in-house patches / customizations?
  • Have you tried to contribute these changes to GNOME at large?
  • What response did you get?
  • Have you consulted other deployments to see if you can collaborate with technology?

Also suggested removing the following question:

  • Do your users have individual identities / home directories, or do they share a few accounts?

Added by Corey

  • Has it gotten easier to admin GNOME since the last survey?
  • How so?

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