DSCM Benchmarks

* VcsCompare has benchmark statistics for repository size on a large variety of repositories, comparing Git, Mercurial and Bazaar

Ok, here's a link to my first super-generic and unspecial benchmarks comparing mercurial, git, and bzr.

  • Benchmark Results

    • Great! Real work instead of opinions! (but missing version info from hg & bzr)

    • To benchmark how they scale when number of revisions > 0 - real conversions are probably needed from kernel/gnome svn (slow and boring.. sorry)

And here's some from Mozilla's investigation into DSCM.

The benchmarks from Bazaar, comparing it to other DSCMs

The Benchmarks from Git, comparing it to other DSCM's

A small benchmark about tracking a home directory, which shows how similar are the performances of each of the tested DSCM (git/hg/bzr) without a clear winner and how much better they are compared to subversion:

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