• CustomizableToolbars aims to provide insights and user suggested ideas regarding design of current user interfaces. The purpose of CustomizableToolbars is to allow user prefered toolbar settings for applications,


  • The current design of applications constains a fixed Menubar, and a Toolbar. By providing options to show/hide the Menubar and providing a customizable Toolbar, applications can deliver a user configurable toolbars and menubar hiding features.


  • The control of Toolbar icons affects the effectiveness of spatial spaces and applications, If a menubar is hidden, alot of options will be absent in the application. Toolbar should contain those important and commonly used actions by customization. The menubar should have a show/hidden function, as well as a way to show them when it's hidden. A Toolbar icon can show them, or via right-click.


concept1.png concept2.png


JohnPeterson: I've always thought this should be the way every application should behave. Additionally I like the idea of a shared toolbar, similar to how MacOS shares it's menubar. Neither the toolbar or the menubar should be attached to the window.

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