Source Code Organization in Criawips' source tree

  • copy-src - code that was copied from or might be copied into other projects
  • data - external files needed by criawips (glade files, ui files, menu entries, ...)
  • doc - documentation about criawips
  • src - criawips main source code
  • src/cut-n-paste - the old place for shared code (the new one is copy-src)

Modules in Criawips' code tree


CDebug is located in copy-src/cdebug and should be used for to print debugging information. It's very easy to use (just play around with test-debug in the code tree).


This is the canvas used by Criawips. It's currently based upon the GNOME canvas but we plan to migrate it to Cairo later.

TODO: we need to move the canvas code into a shared code folder (e.g. copy-src/ccc) and remove all GNOME canvas calls from Criawips itself.

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