The nature of this project is to easy the user setup reconfiguration, user-profile management and enterprise-wide deployment of Gnome Desktop.

  • Current items working on:
  • Remote desktop configuration:
    • We have talked with several sysadmins about Gnome administration experience in environments with more than 10,000 desktop computers. They use to deploy Gnome desktops preconfigured with customized gconf profiles, but usually they found that modifying thousands of deployed computers is a time consumming tasks.
      • They often develop some custom scripts and batch-scp them at night, but this customization often is prone to errors, and manual intervention on site is needed sometimes.
      If we want to become Corporate, there are some steps we can take:
    • Expose interfaces to some scripting language. I'm thinking about Windows Scripting or Apple Script. Similar tools could be useful for us too.
    • Provide a remote command and control application which can help to control deployment profiles remotely. I'm not talking about profile customization, (this is sabayon). Instead I'm talking about remote configuration and enterprise wide configuration tools.
  • gconf storage on ldap: There has been some initial work on this, but currently I doubt if it is supported.

* Syncronization services: Some application data needs to be syncronized often. We need some generic api to provide sincronization services from the desktop. We can add disconected operation for laptops from the desktop, not as I currently do running some bash + rsync triggered by hal. This is hackerish, and people generally fears the bash.

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