Codename Graphite

An attempt to make a definitive reference guide for users and developers.


  1. Who Should Read This Document
  2. The GNOME Family

Platform Overview

  1. Core Technologies
  2. IPC and Networking
  3. Desktop Technologies

    (All the above: )

Core Technologies

  1. Basic Foundations
    1. glib
  2. Graphical Interfaces
    1. GTK+
    2. Libglade
    3. Pango
    4. GDK
    5. Cairo
  3. Virtual File System
    • Either gnome-vfs or the new gvfs getting integrated (?) into glib. Wait for glib stuff?
  4. Configuration and Lockdown
  5. Internationalization
  6. Accessibility
  7. Multimedia
  8. Printing
    1. GNOME Print
    2. CUPS

IPC and Networking

  1. Clipboards and Drag and Drop
  2. D-BUS Messaging
  3. Bonobo and CORBA
  4. Service Discovery
  5. XML and Web Services
    1. SOAP
    2. XML Processing
    3. Transforming XML with XSLT

Desktop Technologies

  1. Application and File Type Registries
  2. Panel Applets
  3. Notification Area
  4. File Manager
    • Where / how does this fit in?
  5. Window Manager
  6. Control Center
  7. Storing Passwords
  8. Session Management
  9. Address Book and Calendar
  10. Usability
  11. Documentation

Language Bindings

Quick Module Overview

  1. Platform Modules
  2. Desktop Modules

Other stuff


  • GNOME Hispano have a similar book in a quite advanced state. Maybe you want to contact RodrigoMoya to see if translating ES->EN could save work in some chapters. In any case coordination would be useful. -- QuimGil

  • I'd love to see the "bindings" section integrated with other material. That'd make everyone 1st class citizens. Either that or make it clear in the first part and provide equivalent samples for everything somewhere. I know what I mean, and that's the important part. Leave me alone.


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