Building Clutter on MacOS

It is strongly encouraged to use the same JHBuild environment used by the GTK+ MacOS port; you can follow the instructions on the GTK+/OSX/Building page to have an installation of GTK+ and its dependencies on MacOS which can then be used to build Clutter itself as well.

After building GTK+, you will have to also build:

  • JSON-GLib
  • Cogl

under the same JHBuild environment, by cloning the Git repository from

Note: both Cogl and Clutter will auto-detect the backend from the build environment, but it is recommended to use the following configure arguments when building Clutter:

    $ ./configure --prefix=/path/to/the/jhbuild/install \
                  --disable-gdk-backend \

Which will disable the X11 backend (in case you have installed the Apple XServer) and the GDK backend (which does not work on MacOS yet).

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