Classic Ladder


An open source project to have a free ladder and sequential (grafcet) programming software coded in C language (to be used for educational, training, in Software PLC on PC computers or embedded platforms, ...)

Generally, you find this type of languages on PLC to make the programs of automation process. It allows to realize little programs or bigger in an electric way with ladder.

This type of software is sometimes called "SoftPLC". The motor engine can be embedded on many processors architecture (x86, ARM, ...) and running in real-time on Xenomai for real uses.

Notable Features

  • Two languages (interpreted): ladder / sequential
  • Events logs, and remote alarms (SMS, emails)
  • Full graphical editor
  • Can be embedded, run in real-time
  • Hardware inputs/outputs, local and modbus master
  • Modbus slave for scada
  • Monitor for remote target (IP, serial, modem).

Development Resources

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