Next chat meeting


  • Date: Monday 18th of February at 23:00 GMT
  • Channel: #gnome-games at
  • Language: English

Tentative Agenda (please add your own items)

  • Discuss feedback on Thomas H.P. Andersen post

  • Online highscores for GNOME Games

  • Important bugs before 2.22 final
    • Slow gnometris theme
    • new crashers
  • Set up PPA's for bugfix versions
  • Define gnome-games. What needs do we want to satisfy? Where do we set the limits to avoid feature creep.
  • Reduce number of games
    • Select games to move to -extra-games
    • Should we keep support?
  • libgames-support
    • Externalize it?
    • What is the goal? Who whould use it?
    • What to include:
      • network?
      • sdl?
      • gl?
  • Network games:
    • Need LAN solution. (Does gnome-games need LAN solution?)
    • Better interface
    • Emphasize friends (IM-contacts)
  • Glade / gtkbuilder
  • Default cards. Are we settled or could we improve more?
  • Themes:
    • Tango everywhere?
    • How can we make theming easier?
    • How can we installing themes easier?
    • Sound themes
    • Attract more artists
    • Guidelines on the wiki
  • Bugzilla
    • Should split the gnome-games-maint@ alias into several subaliases, so one can watch only e.g. the "general" and "aisleriot" components' bugs.

People planning to attend

  • Thomas H.P. Andersen
  • Roger Light
  • Jason D. Clinton
  • Josef Spillner
  • Vincent Povirk (will look at the logs)
  • Andreas Røsdal
  • Jordi Mas
  • ChPe

  • elmarco

VincentUntz: it might be nice to send minutes of the meeting to devel-announce-list.

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