Things do fix/check before and when Bugzilla is moved between servers. will move from window to box. This page lists the things to do before, during and after the move.

Note: Bugzilla is very specific on the exact locations of various files. Unless specified otherwise, the locations must stay the same!

Note: window was the name of the old machine; box the name of the new one.


  1. Setup bugzilla;
    • Create bugzilla home directory with homedir set to /usr/local/www/bugzilla
    • Setup vhost pointing to /var/www/ The Apache configuration should be copied from the existing install.
    • Make sure users with the 'bugzilla' group can log in and sudo to bugzilla
    • Run ./ and make sure all the perl modules Bugzilla wants are installed (takes a lot of time)
  2. Setup apache:
    • Copy /etc/logrotate.d/httpd-gnome from old server to new (to make sure logfiles are rotated)
  3. Ensure halloween is setup on box;
    • Copy /home/halloween from existing install to not-yet-existing /home/halloween on destination machine
    • Run ./ with a fake email and make sure all required Perl modules are installed (takes a lot of time)
  4. Ensure it works with SELinux:

allow httpd_suexec_t self:netlink_route_socket { bind create getattr nlmsg_read read write };
allow httpd_sys_script_t nfs_t:dir search;
allow httpd_sys_script_t nfs_t:file { ioctl read };
allow httpd_sys_script_t nfs_t:file getattr;
  • Run: make reload
  1. Setup postfix for halloween and bugzilla:
  2. Shorten DNS stuff to 15min


  1. Disable web access on box,window
  2. Copy data directory from window to box
  3. Copy .htaccess from window to box
  4. cvs update -dP (to make sure box has all of the changes)
  5. Edit localconfig and make it point to the real database
  6. Have sysadmins update DNS for:
    1. (A, MX is not needed)
    2. (A, MX is not needed)
    3. Change Postfix config on to make mail arrive at box
    4. Install new install-module (with updated bugzilla version stuff) from CVS on window DONE

    5. Perhaps update /etc/hosts on window to have new IP address do not do this before moving!

  7. Enable web access on box
  8. Change 403 page on window to point to as temp. solution

  9. Move the cron entries from old machine to new box.

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