Project Status

Banter is a project created by Boyd Timothy, Brady Anderson, and Calvin Gaisford. All of us were members of the Novell Desktop team and Banter was a project we started to investigate real time collaboration work on the desktop. When we returned from GUADEC 2007, we were asked to focus our time and efforts on other areas of the desktop and to shelf the Banter project for the time being. As many of you have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of effort put into Banter since July 2007 except for the excellent Gnome translation contributions (you guys rock!). Banter is a cool project and needs more love than we can give it. If you are interested in contributing or maintaining the project, let us know.


To create a next generation real time collaboration client focused on the big three: text, voice and video centered on a dynamic, innovative and easy to use contact management system. The project team is focused on providing a simple quality experience for the end user.





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