Status: Brain-storming/wish-list making; nothing here is finalized


  • Remove many of the testing/dep permutations
    • Drop libbanshee & src/Backends/Banshee.GStreamer in favor of gst# & src/Backends/Banshee.GStreamerSharp

      • Mostly done, pending task:
        • video is working but only if we remove the glib bundle in gst# (custom gst#). -> Update gst# master

        • Missing-codec handler: Testing needed
    • Drop libossifer in favor of new webkit#/soup# bindings (optional dep) (WIP on webkit# branch)
    • Provide well-tested bundle for distros lacking these deps
  • Switch configuration system to dconf/GSettings
  • Do an API review/pruning; publish decent API docs
  • Create FDO Secrets DBus API/binding
  • Add Webkit (Amazon/Miro Guide) support on Windows
  • Get Windows release to at least Beta quality
  • Clean up unused code: RemoteAudio, Sample, SqlDebugConsole, Template

  • Fix Grid view a11y


  • Remove Boo extension (we have marked as non-default for now, from 2.9.0 onwards)
  • Remove Unix/System IO backends, require GIO?
  • Online updates for device support, extensions?
  • Store CoreCache in separate db file, but persist it (not TEMP) and restore complete player state (last source, scroll position, search status)

  • Change website to support i18n and patches from folks
  • Video View: update patch to last git master & Work on it to fix issue/improve features


  • Bump Mono to 2.8.2
  • Drop NDesk.DBus in favor of dbus-sharp
  • Drop HAL/Banshee.Hal in favor of GIO/udev hardware backend (optional dep on udev)
  • Drop ipod-sharp/Dap.Ipod in favor of libgpod backend
  • Migrate to for release hosting
  • DVD Support: update current patch to last git master & Review/Merge it in main branch

  • Bump Mono.Addins to 0.6.2
  • Make browser filters (artist/album/year/genre/etc) configurable bgo#540873

  • Drop Gtk#2 in favor of Gtk#3
  • Remove ENABLE_ATK, HAVE_GTK/GDK/GLIB* conditionals

  • Integrate with GNOME 3 notifications

Long term objectives and ideas

Here be ponies and unicorns...

  • Improve performance of extension infrastructure
    • Lazy load assemblies
    • "metadata" provided in code should be moved to proper Mono.Addins metadata
    • In cases where extensions (which would not be loaded/reflected) need to auto-start instead of start on user-demand, extra metadata/Mono.Addins deps can be taken to "auto-start after X seconds", etc.
    • Define triggers for loading addins
  • sqlite3 shared/concurrent writes : allow multiple processes, get rid of Booter (see

  • Notifications
    • Unified notification API for in-app and system-wide notifications
    • Browser-like notification bar?


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