Current hosting setup

One Linode instance, with 724 MB of RAM and 24 GB of disk space, host the following services:

  1. MySQL server, used by various services below
  2. Wordpress for the main Banshee website, using a MySQL schema.
  3. Planet feed aggregator, accessible as the planet.* subdomain.
  4. Static web site, accessible as download.* subdomain. Mainly contains release tarballs for various related projects, screenshots, etc. Banshee source tarballs up to 2.0.1 (May 2011), take 1.1 GB (those are already copied on The rest takes around 300 MB.
  5. Online services site, accessible as integrated-services.* subdomain.

    Hosts the Amazon C-based CGI proxy, and JavaScript files for the Amazon, Miro and Jamendo extensions.

  6. Metrics service, under the metrics.* subdomain. PHP scripts to handle the submissions and storage in a MySQL schema.

This server also hosts the web site (uses WordPress ?).

The primary domains used for that server are and Aliases are:, and

Current costs

  • Linode with backups: $37.45/month
  • domain: $70/year
  • domain: $10/year
  • domain: $10/year
  • domain: $10/year

Total: $550/year

Possible alternatives

Alternative 1: Move to another Linode

Same costs...

Alternative 2: Move to various free services

  • Github Pages for the main website
  • other tarballs on download.* could be moved to
  • Retire the Planet ?

Still need to figure out hosting for metrics and integrated-services.

... Your idea here ...

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