Note: this is very early.

Non-technical and easy contributions

Retest old bugs (FIXME: document)

look at log your log output (FIXME: document)

report bugs (FIXME: document)

MeeGO needs mockups for missing functionality (required skills: enough drawing and written material to produce a sketch of your proposal which is understandable to your peers)

* Video User Interface and interaction story

* Podcast User Interface and interaction story

* Audiobook User Interface and interaction story

(FIXME: Sounds like something that might be interesting to OMG! Ubuntu! and thus hopefully add wider input and expertise into the User Experience process)

Technical contributions

* Correct locking for synchronizing portable media devices such as mp3 players and many phones (requires: C# knowledge and knowledge of locking - would benefit from example code from a developer for educational purposes)

* ATOM feed support for Migo?

(requires: C# knowledge, Migo some what unchartered territory?)

* Investigate Banshees interaction with PulseAudio

(requires: C#, likely C, likely interaction with Banshee and PulseAudio/GStreamer upstreams)

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