Asbestos offers protection from firewalls, and acts as a poor man's VPN.

Have you ever found yourself tunneling various services through ssh, and having to run through various applications, telling your mail client to check for mail at localhost:12345 and send mail through localhost:12346? Have you ever tunneled something like http, and found it seriously distasteful, since any non-relative links leap outside of your http://localhost:12347 sandbox?

This is the sort of problem that Asbestos seeks to solve. By utilizing iptables (and eventually similar solutions for other platforms), it allows transparent tunneling of services through ssh.



Version 0.2


Current TODO list



A little behind plan, I finally have checked in a few things. There are updates now to make things work with newer dbus (namely 0.33)

There are also the starts of things to package it up into RPMs.

Hopefully there will be a new release in the near future, though it will likely be fairly boring, and without any particularly interesting new features.


Right now, Asbestos development is a bit stagnant; it has reached the point that it's usable for day-to-day work, so it has been pushed to the back burner for the moment.

Come June, my schedule should be freeing up so I can work on polishing things up a bit more.

Patches are greatly welcome in the meantime; see the file TODO for a list of things that you could help with.

If you have any issues, or even just want to let me know you're making use of this program, feel free to drop me a line at

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