Anjal is a new mail UI created on top of Evolution.

Anjal would be using WebKit for mail rendering and composing. It features a nice multi-line message list, with unquoted text-preview of the latest messages in the thread. Its configurable to make it even more lighter, by choosing a sqlite-cursor-based tree view, which would have the visible window of the message list on memory, very suitable for mobile environments. It supports tabbed browsing, a small preference window & new account setup




* Source

  • git clone git://

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1. What does "Anjal" means and how do i pronounce it ?

  • Anjal means ‘Mail’ in Tamil. 'An' as in 'Ant' and 'jal' - J as in Jade

2. Keyboard shortcuts ?

3. Does it replace Evolution? What are the differences between Anjal and Evolution? Why was Anjal born?

  • Anjal doesn't replace Evolution. Anjal is a lite UI built on top of Evolution and uses 95% of Evolution code for its experience. Anjal was built to suit the smaller screens and low memory devices. Particularly Netbooks and the mobile segments. It has a very interesting UI, that is TOUCHable and consumes less memory and deals efficiently on the real estate for the small screens.

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