Improve the icons

The Alarm Clock icons could use a revamp.

We should add a new icon specific for the Alarm Clock status icon and logo.

The alarm clock and timer icons also needs improvement - they stand out from the stock GNOME/Tango icons. They also need to work better on dark themes.

It would also be nice to have some monochrome status icons for the Humanity and Humanity-Dark themes.

See also the blueprint on launchpad

Current Default icons

These are the icons used currently in 0.2.6


Current status icon

The status icon is currently the same as the Alarm clock icon:


Status icon using a dark theme

I'd like this icon to be different from the two alarm type icons (below). Detailed versions of the icons are also needed - as the status icon and logo in about dialogs / etc.

Current alarm clock icon

alarm-clock.16.png alarm-clock.22.png alarm-clock.36.png alarm-clock.48.png SVG

Current timer icon

alarm-timer.16.png alarm-timer.22.png alarm-timer.36.png alarm-timer.48.png SVG

The alarm clock and timer icons should fit in the following UI:

Alarm list

An idea is to make these icons more stylized and maybe monochrome to indicate the alarm type...

New Default icons

New icons should follow the Tango guidelines. Please also include the SVGs if possible.

<< Put icon suggestions here >>

New status icon

bell_tango22.png bell_tango32.png bell_tango48.png

The SVGs are in attachments

New alarm clock icon

<< Put icon suggestions here >>

New timer icon

<< Put icon suggestions here >>

New monochrome icons

The new status icons in Humanity and Humanity-Dark are monochrome (one color) and look a lot better than their colorful friends.

New monochrome status icon


The SVG is in the attachments. Only 22x22 because monochrome icon only goes in panel, and will always look the same.


In the future we might want to add some fancier icon animations when an alarm is triggered, but for now we just blink the icon.

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