Accounts Dialog

Note: The module accounts-dialog has been superseded by the "User Accounts" component in the gnome-control-center product


The AccountsDialog is a friendly interface to editing user information and related data, such as login options.


Some design documents can be found on the Fedora feature page.


The AccountsDialog is licensed under the GPL 3.


Releases can be found on /Release

Fedora packages will be available shortly.

Development is happening in git:// and can be viewed here.

You can check out the current development snapshot using:

 git clone git://

or, if you have an account on

 git clone ssh://<username>


Build dependencies:

  • GLib and GIO
  • GdkPixbuf and GTK+

  • gnome-desktop
  • dbus-glib
  • unique
  • polkit-gtk
  • GConf
  • cheese-gtk (optional)

Runtime dependencies:

  • The AccountsDialog uses a DBus system service called org.freedesktop.Accounts to obtain user information. Tarballs can be found here

  • The apg utility is used to generate passwords

  • The GConf defaults D-Bus service is used to modify login options



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