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Should this page be there in the help?



Should this be moved elsewhere, so this page can be kept simple with just a snapshot of the Main UI window?

Learn about keys

What is RSA?

Initial draft is done. Simplify it by explaining how given the product of two numbers, you can't find the two numbers.
TODO : Pictures. What about using shapes instead of the numbers? Is this page necessary? Instead of RSA vs DSA, can we have symmetric key encryption vs assymetric key encryption on one page and keys used for signing vs keys used for encryption vs both on another page?

What is DSA?

Not sure how to explain this or how to explain RSA vs DSA. Is it necessary? We could explain the difference between keys used for encryption+signing and keys used just for signing instead.

What is PGP key?

Public Key cryptography. What does the keypair contain? Encryption and signing using PGP keys.

How is a Public key different from a Private key?


What is a Secure Shell key?


What is a key fingerprint?

How to check the fingerprint of a key using Seahorse?
Update: needs rewording.

What is the GNOME keyring?
May need additional help to understand.

What are subkeys?

What does key strength mean?

May need rewording.
Rambles on, a little too much.
Use “unique” instead of “uncommon”.
The last paragraph seems too generic.

What is a certificate?

PKI, Web of trust etc.
What is SSL and what are Certificates?

Why do keys require a signature?

May require minor rewording. <gui> style may have to be changed.
Is using <steps> okay? Or should it be a list, or something else?
For edits, if any, and a brief on self signing :

What are key servers?

Mostly decent. Some rewording may make it nicer. Should key server protocols be mentioned here? Replace “import” your PK with “access” your PK For edits, if any:

Create keys

Create a new PGP key

Mostly complete and finished.

Create a new SSH Key

Look at the UI and finish this. Try to understand differences between a PGP key and an SSH key.

Create a new key, keyring or password

Three sections. Use UI to explain steps of creation. Pre requisites to create any of this, for eg, key for a keyring, etc.

Import and export keys

Importing and exporting keys. Should explain what happen when you copy/paste keys to/from text editors. Minor rewording. Is the paragraph about newly created keys being grouped according to type necessary? Why would new keys be imported?

Should I set my key to expire?

Factors to consider – Time, strength, chance of compromise.
Revoking if key does not expire.
Should this be a full page? Can it somehow be clubbed with key deletion/revocation?

Should I setup my key, or just create it?

This is to do with SSH keys. Just creating the key or also setting up the computer you are going to login to, with the SSH key? What is the difference? How to setup using Seahorse
Should this be written as a section in

Tips for creating a good password

Is this tips to create a good “passphrase”? Otherwise should be moved to the section about passwords. Even otherwise might be good to move it to the “Back up and secure your keys” section, or club with “Update keyring password” page.

What key strength should I use?

Is this page necessary? The best suggestion would be to use the longest keys available, since in Seahorse the longest key is 2048 bits and there is not much difference time wise between using keys that are 2048 bits long and keys that are 1024 bits long.
If page needs to be there :

What should I use for the key description?

Not sure if this page is necessary. A note can be added in the key creation pages that the description should be relevant to the main purpose of key creation. Also, cannot write a whole page about this unless a lot of examples need to be provided.

Use keys

Associate a new UserID with an existing key

Why would the user want to do this? How to do this?
Created a landing page. Are the topic pages too repetitive. Can this be concised to just one page?

Attach an photo to an existing key

Why would the user want to do this?
How to do this? How's it useful?

How to retrieve remote keys?

Importing remote keys, or keys from key servers. Minor rewording.

How to sync and publish keys?

Edit on what changes can be made effected on syncing.

Update the keyring password

Again, change it to passphrase. (Add tips for good passwords as a section in this page).
Page can be called Passwords/Pass phrases. Explain difference between the two and explain how to update the passphrase.

Use SSH keys to connect to another computer without entering a password

Is this covered in key create vs setup? Or should that page just explain the difference between the two(Which doesn't require a full page) and this page explain the actual steps required?

Use an SSH key to login to another computer without a password

Is this the same as above?

Use your encryption keys to digitally sign email

Seahorse cannot be used for email encryption/signing, so is this necessary?
Native email clients allowing signature and encryption:
How to bring in the picture of mail clients here? Writing a generic page for all mail clients seems to be a little impossible.
Bit about retrieving and using certificates and keys for other applications :

Use your encryption keys to encrypt your email messages

Seahorse cannot be used for email encryption/signing, so is this necessary? Same links as above.

View passwords that are stored by Seahorse

How to? What passwords are stored?

What happens when my key expires?

Describe how the key cannot be used. Is this page necessary? Can it be clubbed with

Back up and secure your keys

Control which applications can store and access your passwords

Don't understand what this page wants. Does it intend to say that Seahorse only stores passwords from selected applications?

Keep your SSH and PGP keys secure

Securely back-up your keys

Why to backup?
Any other ways, besides copying the directories onto an external disk?

Revoke your keys

Delete an existing key

When can you delete a key? How to delete?

Disable a key that you no longer wish to use

When is this applicable? How to do it? (*Check that youtube video on encryption, it mentions revocation)

Other links that might be useful

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