Name: Aruna Sankaranarayanan

E-mail address:

IRC Nick: aruna on

Web Page / Blog / Microblog:

Location: Bangalore, India

Education completed or in progress (i.e., university, major/concentration, degree level, and graduation year): Fourth year, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, B.M.S. Institute of Technology

How did you hear about this program? I am a member of the Free software movement, Karnataka, an organisation that is associated with FSMI(Free software movement, India), an organisation associated with FSF, India. OPW Jan 2013, was announced in their mailer. I have been contributing ever since.

Please describe your experience with the organization's product as a user and as a contributor (include the information about the contribution you made to the project you are interested in here): I have been using GNOME on Ubuntu since January, 2012. As someone who was a novice when it came to technology, mostly because I did not have peers who were excited about technology, I have come a long way since I started taking an interest in the FOSS philosophy. I have become quite deeply involved with a free software community called FSMK in my city and have helped organise workshops so that newbies can embrace FOSS easily and with affection. It was through the last round of the OPW that I began to contribute to FOSS through a means that I seemed to be fairly skilled for: documentation. Even though I was not selected for the internship the last time around, I continued to contribute to GNOME documentation, and have written user-help for two game applications and solved several other bugs.

List of contributions

Bugs reported and closed


Bug 696491 ( – Fixed broken links in gnome-help Pushed to master in commit a7640e0d9bab034b6cf5bf284461cf6eb939b579

Bug 696572 ( – Fixed validation errors in gnome-help Pushed to master in commit 58f5e3e333022e12d0af225714f39b799508640a

Small bugs


Bug 694525 ( – Updates to system-admin-guide/C/ Pushed to master in commit 4c3c33a4e993c1c5e56e4a77a264d47c87430f87

Bug 697150 ( – Updates to gnome-help/C/ Pushed to master in commit b86cdce8d1e2a26813b92b2edf5edfbc6bf2141d

Bug 694561 ( – Updates to system-admin-guide/C/ Pushed to master in commit f60eb6c7302133069cfb39f73a87c01386c5b649

Slightly bigger bugs


Bug 665832 ( – Convert gnibbles documentation to Mallard under CC-by-SA -Pages after first review – Pushed to master in commit d09948c79c795c7394a9559e37930fbcc5313972 -Changes after another review – Pushed to master in commit 7cb01f7b45d9ed5ec51356bba70f495c071f74ec


Bug 665831 ( – Convert four-in-a-row documentation to Mallard -First drafts were pushed to master in commit b6a6e97e063bc4e3e969282a71e2854d74106401 -Drafts have been reviewed by Michael Hill in the following commits: commit b12f0c475434845ae6872dac63845bd66f086fe0 commit 8c68417cd6dbd43bd9646fa191652acbaa3fcd6f commit f12f7731c1f8af754a7c4bdd7e507c5d61c3c318


Added an overview page for Empathy. However, this was part of my contributions for OPW round 5, so I am not sure if this is still valid here. Pushed to master in commit c43eea2af4d1412e18ad58cef1dd6904e90840e8

Other fixes

*banshee Updated user-help with <app> tags around banshee, renamed one page and edited a few wrong occurrences of the Spacebar. Pushed to master in commit e8e729f0c55bee1806371c4236e7f2d73e9e7bff

Other commits, from submissions to OPW round 5 commit 4e30273cb28f19d04405fe1a93f1d1a41dc3a670 commit 3a6cf4f2e3129dcb91786361deb9469e6d851205

*gnome-mines Updated help/C/ Pushed to master in commit 02bd3fa1674ed8361094824dcd3c55c7facdeb5a

Fixed indents and reflowed pages in help Pushed to master in commit 7dbeabbf19da23faafcfd6ff7e6f131bf8a7fe29

Currently working on


Bug 694571 – Setting default favorites for users. New topic page in the system-admin-guide

Bug 697125 – Updates to net-*.page in gnome-help.

Bug 697124 – Updates to in gnome-help.

Bug 697121 – Updates to in gnome-help

Bug 697857 – New topic in gnome-help to help users set applications that should start automatically on login.

Reported bugs

Bug 698216 – Artwork needed for in Empathy

Bug 694244 – Error while changing default controls in gnome-nibbles

Bug 693153 – Error while changing colour preferences in gnome-nibbles

Bug 697857 – New topic to start applications automatically on login

Please describe your experience with any other FOSS projects as a user and as a contributor: I've been using FOSS since January 2012 and have been contributing since November. It has been wonderful to be a part of the FOSS community and actually see your work translate into something that people use. I remember when I first built gnome-nibbles with Kat, and it was a wonderful feeling. I am really looking forward to documenting Developer Docs and writing code in the future. I've also started contributing to Wikipedia since late February.

Please describe any relevant projects that you have worked on previously and what knowledge you gained from working on them: I am studying computer science and write for an online magazine. These two skills, when combined together can help me write good documentation. When I applied to the OPW the last time, I was a git newbie. Over the months, my mentor has helped me hone my git skills and now I feel quite comfortable and confident while using git. I've been contributing and spreading the word about FOSS for over a year and a half now. I am quite conversant with Mallard and am in the process of reading the GDP guide. I can also code quite confidently in C++, and have a working knowledge of Python.

What project(s) are you interested in (these can be in the same or different organizations)? I am interested in tasks in GNOME documentation, particularly porting help to Mallard. I am focussing on two applications, Seahorse and Aisleriot and want to port both to Mallard.

Who is a possible mentor for the project you are most interested in? Kat(kittykat on, #docs)

Please describe the details and the timeline of the work you plan to accomplish on the project you are most interested in (discuss these first with the mentor of the project): If I get the internship, I would work on: *Porting Seahorse and Aisleriot to Mallard. I hope to be finished with writing help for both in about 2 months.(3 weeks for each application with a week for review)

Once I finish writing the help for the above applications, I shall work on updating help written till now for bijiben, gnome-contacts and banshee by adding relevant Mallard tags and style elements, and also by generally improving documents, in the next one month.(A week for each application, with a week for review)

I'm also keeping an eye on gnome games and hope to write Mallard documentation for gnome-robots and tali after I'm finished with the above tasks.

Will you have any other time commitments, such as school work, another job, planned vacation, etc., between June 17 and September 23? I'm hoping to attend OpenHelp 2013 in Cincinatti in June, but I shall be back by the 21st of June. I might be starting a new job(very very tentative since I am writing exams to continue to study further in May, and am hoping to clear them) in mid July, but since I will be a new employee, I'll only be engaged in some training activities during my first three months at the job(i.e, till mid October). I will have have 5-7 hours free everyday, and will be completely free on weekends. I am confident of devoting the required 50 hours for OPW tasks every week.

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